Sanchez punch drunk

My god what a warrior but man he sounded like Rocky Balboa after Drago . I hope the best for this guy true warrior. Phone Post

Has he sounded like that at other times?

I can't remember him ever being that bad Phone Post

I noticed his speech sounded a bit slurred. I hope it was just his bell being temporarily rung, but his style is unfortunately the kind that goes hand in hand with a high risk of permanent damage. I wish him well. He is a warrior indeed. Phone Post

Good luck topping that fight tonight Phone Post

He just got into a war, no shit his speech pattern will be all over the place wtf lol Phone Post 3.0

The worse I've ever heard him. Granted taking that many punches to the face in one night doesn't help. Phone Post

Hopefully he was just concussed and hopefully will be able to clear the cob webbs soon. Plenty of great fights for him at 155. Phone Post

Hopefully just temporary from that war he was just in Phone Post 3.0

Lol at people who have never been in an mma fight judging how someone should talk after such an exhausting battle Phone Post 3.0