Sanchez v Ellenberger on UK TV?

Can anyone tell me how I can watch this fight on Wednesday night / Thursday morning in the UK. At the moment there are no listings on ESPN, Primetime or FX?

Sorry if it has already been discussed Phone Post

TTT anyone give me any info please? Phone Post

The UFC UK twitter page says to just watch it on Phone Post

 Surely its on the fucking TV

Same old shit then? Phone Post

It sucks but better than nothing Phone Post

It's shite, some of us have to work the next day, at least if it was on TV we could record it! Is it only shown live on UFC TV or can you watch it later? Phone Post

StayRad, sorry I don't understand your post??

As for Torrents? Forgive my English dumbness but I don't know anything about Torrents, anyone willing to enlighten me? Phone Post

Are we done? Phone Post

Thank you StayRad! :0) Phone Post

fucking bullshit i tell ya Phone Post

Last time they showed an event just on you could watch anytime you wanted. No need to stay up or download it. Phone Post

Ps. I know WFA but whilst speaking of torrents where's the best place to go for music and video now that BTjunkie has gone. Phone Post