Sanchez vs. Alves............?

Wow, this looks like it might be a wicked good fight!!
As much as I like Diego, I think the Pit Bull is gonna get the win, especially if he fights the way he did against Hughes.

I'd like to see Sanchez get a step closer for a title shot (though he wouldnt win). Alves just looks really good.

What are your thoughts on this fight?

I hope diego outgrapples him and gets the tap via elbos from the mount.

alves is the eorlds biggest welter, i wanna see him standing next to GSP.

Thiago is gonna smash his weird ass!

Diego by outworking Thiago

dude this fight is gonna be a war. I'm gonna have to go with Diego.

Diego is the better grappler, if he can get the fight to the ground, he wins. Training with Xande, Saulo has taken his jits to new levels.

 i m pulling for alves

diego seems to have a mental problem vs good fighters

 This is a great fight.  I can't make up my mind on who to pick.

I think alves will be to big and out muscle sanchez like Fitch did.

diego has mental problems versus good fighters?
seriously? On his way up he fought Nick Diaz who is ALWAYS a tough fight as well as Karo when Karo was on top of his game. came back from his two losses (one while sick as crap the other to the number 2 guy in the division who did nothing really but hold him down) to smoke his comp and show markedly improved striking.
Sure he's eccentric but the guy is a world class fighter and his mental status during a fight is solid

And Im pulling for Alves