Sanctioning of MMA in Michigan

A few months ago maybe, I posted on a few threads about the state of MMA in Michigan. I stated that I would be going to the Michigan Boxing Commission meeting that was held this month. Well, I followed through on this last week and wanted to share my experience.

I have my notes at my office and not with me, but it was a positive experience.

I wanted to create this thread to just let everyone know that I did follow through and went to the meeting as planned and will give you the details most likely tomorrow.

Quick items of interest:

  • I was the only person there that didn't have "business" with the Commission.

  • When I signed the sheet for the people who were in the meeting, I noticed two names that had "UFC" written next to their names. Later, I found that they were lobbyists hired by the UFC to work with this commission and also a state lawmaker to hopefully enter into legislation the sanctioning of MMA.

  • I was given a chance to speak which they didn't have to do. The man chairing the meeting was informed that he could choose to hear "others" if he so allowed and he did. (Good guy by the way!) I spoke for what felt like a long time, but maybe was at most 10 minutes.

  • Boxer Chris Byrd's dad, Joe Byrd was added to the Boxing Commission and he was an extremely kind man.

  • After the meeting I was asked by the two lobbyists who work on behalf of the UFC to work with them and possibly assist them.

  • The lobbyists are in close contact with Mark Ratner of the UFC.

More tomorrow and I will give you more details as to what their stance seemed to be, their stance against the amateur shows going on here in Michigan currently, the roadblocks that could be ahead, and also good news.

Thanks to all.

Cool, I live near lansing and I heard on the radio an ad for a "caged tough man contest" in Flint and was like what the heck? Cause I didn't think MMA was sanctioned here.

Ajax11, it is not sanctioned. The guy who put on the show in Saginaw a few weeks ago was there at the meeting. He was sent a cease and desist order and he went ahead with the show. He spoke and made VERY good sense. I don't like the fact that he was putting on the show with Art Dore's Adorable Productions or whatever it is called, but he's a good man. I am not saying his name as I haven't contacted him (I got his card) to see if I can post his name. He's a good person and has the best intentions (This guy, not sure about Adorable) but he wants to work to sanction this just as bad as we fans of MMA here in MI do. I told the guy that I was not supportive of his show because his show wasn't sanctioned and I have 3 things I'd like to see from a show here:

  1. Sanctioned so it is legit.
  2. Safety for the fighters.
  3. Fair pay for the fighters.

I can't wait for the day that MMA is sanctioned here in MI.

I think that overall, you will be happy with what was talked about.

Same goes for me.  I got so caught up in work that I forgot about the meeting.  If you need some help let me know.  I am more than willing to get involved.

good luck!! I'd love to compete in my home state.

TTT info on next meeting?

yes MMA at the Palace or JLA that would be very good.



Great job!! We all here appreciate your commitment to the sanctioning of MMA here in MI.

an8zr you have mma mail

Thanks for the support everyone.

Nicole, I will check my e-mail shortly. I am just getting some time to write out what I learned from the meeting and also what I have heard from the two lobbyist's since.

Sorry that I haven't gotten to this sooner, but I should have it posted shortly.

btw I am Fathead D.  I lost a screenname bet a little while ago.  Just in case you were wondering.

Ahhh! OK, I know Fathead D. Damn, losing a screen name sucks!

I will be back to normal next week

Id love to fight in Kalamazoo again.


Sorry everyone. Things have been really busy at work. I will get this post done before I leave.


OK everyone, here is a better rundown from the Michigan Boxing Commission meeting that was held last Thursday, March 22, 2007.

The meeting is chaired by Mr. Albert Low.  He seems to be a really nice guy.  He introduced a new member of the commission - Mr.  Joe Byrd (Chris Byrd's father).  Everyone else introduced themselves and then they started business.

I will spare you all the actual "boxing" business.  It was actually really interesting and there was an issue with the boxer Daniel Neal who fought Ronnie Hearns (Hitman's son).  The commission said that it was the first time in over 20 years that a boxer "failed to compete".  His purse was withheld and the commission and everyone else in the room was able to view the video of the fight. 

Other than the long debated issue about Daniel Neal, they voted on some boxers that tested positive for drugs.

After an hour or so, there was a break.  After the break, they finished up some boxing business and then the discussion turned to MMA.  Mr. Low stated that he understands that MMA is getting very big with fans all over the place and said that there have been many "amateur" shows popping up all over.  As a matter of fact, he said that there was a show in Saginaw that was sent a "cease and desist" order.  That show was held anyway.  There will be a hearing regarding this, but the date has not yet been set.  (The person who partnered with Adorable Promotions was in attendance as I mentioned earlier.  Very good guy and he spoke a bit later.)

Now, at this point a commission member (I cannot think of her name at this time), she said that not only is professional MMA, but AMATEUR MMA is also in violation of state boxing regulations.  This is where I was enlightened quite a bit because I thought that the whole thing was "if you aren't paid, it is OK" because they just don't sanction pro MMA.  I had thought amateur shows were under the radar.  Guess not.  It was clearly stated that as of today, MMA in Michigan would fall under the jurisiction of the state Boxing Commission.  Therefore, the rules to not allow for any strikes that aren't legal in boxing.  So kicks, knees, elbows....they are all illegal in boxing, therefore there is no sanctioning.

Mr. Low had a comment that I appreciated.  He said that he "could do with or without MMA.  But if we want it, it has just got to be regulated."  He seemed to be OK with it from the time I spent in that meeting.  He seems open minded, but wants this to be regulated/sanctioned.