Sand Bag Training Video

I have a new video out that should be of benefit to you all. Brian Jones is my strength coach and we have been using sand bags as part of our training for years. I like it because it does not take a lot of room and you can get a total body workout in a very short time. It would serve as a nice supplement to whatever program you currently do.

Fundamentals of Sand Bag Training

With Brian Jones, MS, CSCS

Few tools in the strength and conditioning world can match the simplicity and effectiveness of heavy sand bags. This simple item can be used to improve total body strength, power, and endurance. The awkwardness and instability forces the core muscles to work hard and place the lifter in positions encountered in real life or athletic competition. Sand bags are ideal for all athletes in combat/tackling sports or for anyone who wants to avoid the high-tech gloss of the modern gym and get in shape the old fashioned way.

This video not only details the fundamental exercises for sand bag training, but it also provides details for designing a program for your own specific needs.

Brian Jones has a Masters degree in exercise physiology and is currently working on his PhD at the University of Kentucky. He is a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist and USA Weightlifting Club Coach.

Brian has trained athletes of all levels and from a wide variety of sports. He has been involved in martial arts for over 20 years and is currently a competitive Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu player and NHB fighter.

DVD Price $35.00 with Free S/H (US only)

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hi, can you give us more info, like what's the length, what exercises are covered, does it explain how to make sandbag etc.

how does it relate to ross enamait's and wiggy's books about sandbag training?



I have doing sand bag training with 45 pbs for a while and really enjoy it. I look forward to the excercises this tape offers.

Here's what is covered on the DVD:

How to make the sandbag and guidelines for choosing an appropriate weight.

Drags, carries, holds, pushing, pulling, and leg exercises.

Combo lifts and partner drills.

Program design guidelines and sample workouts.

It is just over 30 minutes long with no filler material.

Brian Jones

Sounds Good!


I was away this weekend teach a seminar. I saw your post as I was leaving town so I directed it to Brian. Did he answer your questions in his post above?

hi aaron, yes he answered it. thanks!

ttt for my own shameless self promotion.