Sandbag carry substitution?

Tomorrow's workout calls for a 100-150lb sandbag carry for as long as possible. I don't have my sandbag finished yet, but it will definitely be done for next week.

Would a 100lb plate cradled in my arms be an ok substitution? I don't have access to a heavybag so this is the only thing I can think of.


Do you have access to three or four toddlers?

A small, squirming (and probably duct-taped) woman might fit the bill.

Try this: works great filled mine 3/4 full and it weighs 70 pounds.

Haha you guys are too much. Thanks for the tips

Seriously, you want a good workout? Take a couple three year olds to an amusement park.

You're either carrying them or chasing them.

Chalupa: I don't think I've gotten my cardio to the point where I'd be able to handle that yet. :)