Sandbag Conditioning

Yo guys, here's an ass kicker I posted in my latest e journal.

Hope you dig it, try it with or with out the walks depending on your conditioning.


I love using loaded conditioning with kettlebells, barbells, sandbags or dumbbells.

Don't overuse this method, but give it a go once or twice a week for
the next 2
weeks, then switch to a different tool (i.e. - barbells instead of sandbags or use
dumbbells or kettlebells).

Here is one sample of sandbag loaded conditioning:

• Perform 6 reps of each exercise
• Perform a zercher or headlock carry for 40 - 50 ft. after each
exercise (It's
easy to set up 2 cones or go to a Basketball court and just do each
exercise at
the end of the court)
• Performing this on the beach is tougher than all heck, the walking
through sand
can be a real bitch!

the workout:
1. zercher reverse lunge (6 reps per leg)
2. carry
3. zercher squat x 6 reps
4. carry
5. clean and press x 6 reps
6. carry
7. bent over row x 6 reps
8. carry
9. snatch + burpee x 6 reps
10. carry
11. visit the bucket, or rest 1/2 or the same amount of time it took to
this phase of loaded conditioning

Perform a total of 1 – 4 circuits depending on your physical ability
and energy
level. Listen to your body, TRAIN SMART!


the use of the sandbag can turn this complex into a wrestling match, as you get fatigued the maneuvering of the bag can be quite hellish.

The basketball court makes it very simple to walk / carry the bag the same distance each time.

You can also place a bag at each end of the court or your marked off area and perform a movement from one to the other instead of the carry (jog, sprint, shuffle, karioka, etc)

Kick ass and have fun :)


Sweet work brother. What size bag are you using?

Good stuff Z

I use a 50 or 75 - 80 lb bag. The heavier bag is rough, no doubt about it.


zercher squat are when you hold the bar in the cruck of your elbows. (ouch)  So you can figure out what a sandbag squat, lunge, and carry are.


Chalupa - you can start using the sea bags, and as you get stronger add weight to them. Or, buy one of the regular bags like Josh sells at his site.

Start light bro, no kidding, use 50 lbs at first, then build up to 75 and 100 lbs

do the basics like squats, clean and pres,s thursters, shouldering.

check out the video clips at

the shoulder press and squat are pretty cool, and so is the power throw and run - both great for conditioning as well

as mentioned before, I use ALL size and shape bags and prefer the variations to tweak it all up

dude, you're gonna love sandbag training, excellent for grapplers!

keep us posted here and we'll keep the thread alive brudda,