sandbag shouldering

brings the pain.

definitely a part of my workouts now.

Right on. I've been doing sandbags for a while now after reading some of Wiggy's stuff. Shouldering just for last 2 months or so. My favorite variation is to shoulder and then lunge for a few steps.

I love sandbags and stones personally, great workouts.

WHen i do sets of 20 it makes my lungs want to explode. It's a damn near perfect workout.


I like to pair shouldering with other stuff.

With a light bag - shoulder, 5 squats, switch shoulders, 5 squats, put it down, repeat starting with the opposite shoulder

Shouldering for max reps in a certain time.

This one is fun. Get a training partner that is about your size/strength. One person does a shoulder on each side then the other person goes immediately after. Keep going until one person gives up, pukes, etc.

Brian Jones


I do mine almost like a dumbbell swing.

Straddling the sandbag, squat with a neutral back position, head up. Grip the sandbag, and lift explosively, driving your hips under the weight and squatting to catch the sandbag on your shoulder. set sandbag down. repeat to other shoulder.

yeah... half clean half swing a bag. The fucker moves around, so as long as your back is where it needs to be, the form doesn't matter so much.


A lot of how you do it depends on how heavy and how big (i.e. the actual size) your Sandbag is.

Want a good way to finish any workout? Shoulder your bag, 1 left, 1 right until you've done 20 reps each side non-stop. You'll be smoked.

Another great way is to do some what I call "Shoulder Loading." This would mimic the loading events in a Strongman comp. You'll need a heavy sandbag (75-100% of bodyweight - more if you can handle it) and about 20-25 yards of space. Mark off your 20-25 yards with one end being "Point A" and the other end being "Point B." Starting at Point A, shoulder the bag to your left shoulder and move (with a bag that heavy on your shoulder, I don't know if you could really call it "running" ;-) to Point B as fast as possible. Sort of "shrug" the bag off your shoulder to the ground. Turn around and shoulder the bag to your right shoulder. Then, move as quickly as possible back to Point A, where you "shrug" the bag off your shoulder again. Repeat for 5 minutes non-stop.

You can cuss me later. ;-)

Wiggy --

sounds like fun Wiggy. Although when I actually do it, I don't think "fun" is the word I'll use to describe it.

after the workout that Wiggy suggested...

It was not in fact "fun" And I was cussing you the whole way...The last 25 yard jog felt like a mile.

Watch out for Wiggy, guys. He's really trying to kill you.

I've been meaning to make a sand bag....I need to get on that....

All I need now is a 300lb tractor tire.


"Watch out for Wiggy, guys. He's really trying to kill you. "

uh oh - you're catching onto me....