Sandbag training manual-check it!!

May not be new to all but definitely check out if you're looking for some great training info. His manual on sandbag training is on point and highly recommended!!!!

no really, check it out!!

Thanks for the nice thoughts. I think some of the concepts will not be too new to people, but I hope they can benefit from some of the new exercises and application.

Josh Henkin

Its a good looking website Josh. I think it was $30 for a seminar DVD, which is a pretty reasonable price.

How do you feel about strongman style, and odd-object style lifting best suppliments a grappler's training? What about an MMAer? What percentage of this type of exercise would you include in a program made for a general athlete in each of these sports? Why (what would your programs or your general style of exercise bring to a grappler/fighter)?

I wouldnt worry too much about trying to bring something "new." Simple approaches are the best ones :)


check out the sandbag too!!! (sand not included!!)

I did. The picture wasn't stellar, and it seemed overpriced.