i am interested in starting to workout with sandbags.

how do i go about doing this.

i am starting from sratch. can i just buy whole bags at home depot?

please give the info on what i would need to do scrapper's sandbag death workout, thanks.

Buy yourself a canvas duffle bag at an Army Navy store. Buy some sandbags at Home Depot, some plastic sandwich baggies and some duct tape. Fill the baggies with 1 and 1/3 cups of sand; this will equal one pound. Tape the baggies so they don't leak. You now have an adjustable weight sandbag. You can use other materials for filler (like cement mix, which is heavier) as well.

This was the method described in Wiggy's Singles and Doubles book.

how much do the canvas duffle bags cost?

how much do the canvas duffle bags cost?

I just bought one for 14 dollars

thats not bad, so what do you do, just make one sandbag thats pretty heavy? because the scrapper workout calls for a couple of different weights.

I prefer to make a a sandbag that is adjustable in larger increments (25-50 lb) and just up the reps/distance/time for various exercises. IMO it is simply a lot less work than dealing with all the 1 lb bags of sand. Or you could just make two or three sandbags so that your workout wouldn't be interrupted at all when switching from exercise to exercise. They really aren't that expensive to make and take up very little room.

Brian Jones


if you get a chance check out Brian JOnes sandbag training manual

excellent source of info if you are interested in sandbags

coach hale

Ironmind has a pretty nice kit and not expensive.