Sanders/Klitscko On!! So they say

From what i understand this fight has been mandated by the WBC for April 2004 in the US.

Guess who may be the promoter? Lennox Lewis...not kidding here...

Sanders has already agreed in principle and I'd be stunned if Vitali said no...

Thsi fight, IMO, is vital for the HW picture. With Lennox gone, there is no true champion.

Thsi will determine who the true champ is, and this is a vital componenet to the future success of the HW division.

Although the bogus belts will be floating around, I'm sure this winner will get recognized by boxing experts and the media as the true champ whih will hopefully translate to the mainstream...

if by "interesting" you mean "stupid"

Sanders-Klitschko talks begin!

Negotiations are underway between the camps of Vitali Klitschko and Corrie Sanders to fight for the WBC heavyweight title vacated by the retirement of Lennox Lewis. The target date is April 24 in either New York or Las Vegas, according to Sanders' manager Vernon Smith. At a press conference held at the Selfridges Hotel in London today, Sanders went on the attack, promising "I'm going to whack Klitschko like he's never been whacked before." Also in attendance was ex-champ Lewis, who is now working for SEM, a company that manages Sanders' affairs. The ex-champ said he would be involved in the promotion of the fight.

Wednesday, February 11 2004 (copied from


What's wrong with Lennox Lewis promoting? With Don King and Bob Arum almost out of the door, there is nothing wrong with Lennox pursuing a career as a promotor now that he is no longer boxing. The promoting business is in need of some young guys to help clean up the sport of boxing.

Awesome news! I predict a KO victory for Sanders in the early rounds, assuming Sanders shows up for this fight in the best shape of his career. (Which he should, since it's for the vacant HW Championship of the world.)

so Lennox is a young guy? I just don't think he's likely to be any more honest than King, and I doubt that he'll be as good at organizing everything

How would you know unless you give the guy a chance to prove himself.

This just in: Lennox Lewis joining the Circus, juggles beach balls with trained bears

ME "stupid"

Boxing Forum: "No, you're stupid. Lennox will be just as good at juggling as those bears. Give him a chance"

"I just don't think he's likely to be any more honest than King"

Ridiculous comment dude...King is a criminal that became a promoter...Lennox is a fighter that has been there and almost always conducted himself well...

", and I doubt that he'll be as good at organizing everything"

He doesn't need to...when someone invests in a business, they usually surround themselves with good management and consultants that have been in the business...

Besides... Lennox is a business savvy guy...he already owns a franchise of successful gyms...

Lennox is no idiot dude...look how quickly he has already aligned himselfd with boxing...he just retired...therefore he is fresh in the public's mind..and now he is promoting the fight for the guy that will take over his crown:

1. Great business move...his promoting would get him on the map, in this field, immediately with teh fight for the biggest crown

2. Great for boxing. It legitimizes both Klit and Sanders to the mainstream cuz Lennox is there...good move to get the winner in their face...

I think the more top profile fighters promoting, the better. Oscar has done an unbelievable job so far as a promoter and Ray Leonard's company hasn't done bad either. What some people forget is that half of a promoters job is to actually go out and PROMOTE. How many times can you say you've seen Bob Arum or Gary Shaw on a popular talk show promoting a fight? Never. This is why King is always gonna out-promote these guys. He has a much bigger platform to promote his fights. What other promoter could get himself on a network talk show for an entire week just to promote Jones/Ruiz?

How long is Don King and Bob Arum going to be around for? Those guys are already in their seventies, it's jsut a matter of time before they become ill or pass on.

lol, I was just in a bad mood yesterday guys. Overlook me please

"I smell a fix"

wow, must be tough going through life that paranoid...

you knwo why i think it won't be a fix, cuz Vitali is gonna KO Sanders....