Sandman gets KO of night?!!!

Congrats to Irvin on a win and all, but Johnson knocked the F out of Speers.  Sure Alexander was stopped at :08 but there was a flash knockout.  There was no one disputing whether or not Tommy Speers was conscious!!!

I think Johnson should have got awarded the prize.

"Sure Alexander was stopped at :08 but there was a flash knockout. "

No, if anything, it was a flash knockdown followed by the TKO.

"There was no one disputing whether or not Tommy Speers was conscious!!!"

What? I don't think that means what you think it means.

Please tell me what it means then. 


I believe Alexander was out and it was a good stoppage.  Not the point.  The point was that the Speers knockout was way more violent and conslusive imo.

since he tied the fastest KO record, i agree it should be knockout of the night....if it would have been a second more i'd probably go with johnson

the kO of speers was fucking brutal should have DEF been ko of the night.

Johnson should have been awarded KO of the night. ONE of the best knockouts in a while. With Irvin/Alexander, there was doubt.

"With Irvin/Alexander, there was doubt."

About what? He was sleeping and stiff. LMAO at doubt.

"With Irvin/Alexander, there was doubt. You have ignored this user."

not Irvins fault..

Both legit KO's.  I'm just saying Alexander's head felt a lot better the next morning than Speers.

I wonder what all the UFC takes into account when deciding best ko.

i bet the level of competition has something to do with it.

anyone know if irvin got KO of the night with his flying knee or did a contender or main event ko get the nod?

 Good question. ^

What fight is Irvin at on his contract too?  Those bonus decisions could also be influenced by who Zuffa wants to make nice with at that particular time.


 Maybe they took into account that, Speer's has little to no stand up and Houston actually has a muay thai background so, knocking out Houston is a little more impressive than knocking out Speers?

KO by superman punch in 8 seconds is pretty impressive, no?

 I thought the same thing.

Johnsons KO was great. The look in Speers Eye was classic.

 Agreed. The knockout of Speers was way more impressive. I bet when everyone left the arena and they turned the lights off, Speers was still out against the cage. That was SICK.

Speer's got brutalised.....that was by far the best knockout of the night. KenP your boy got robbed!

WTF is a flash ko? You are either knocked out or your not. The UG, the only place where dumb sayings become offical terms used regularly. Dumbasses

probably got KO of the night for tying the record for quickest KO.