Sandy Hook documentary

I believe there are LOTS of things the government lies about that we have no idea about. This isn’t one of them. It would take some serious resources and compartmentalisation to have pulled this off as some government false flag op. I think this crosses into loonieville. There are families out there that lost a young loved one. I can’t imagine being one of those parents and having nutbags claim it didn’t happen.

I believe it happened and that kids lost their lives but there’s something fishy about it.

With all I’ve researched and read about devil worshipping free masons i wouldn’t be surprised if they planted families there years in advance with knowledge of a shooting to take place later and made to have kids to send as a sacrifice and promised a fortune in return. Now I know that is way WAY out there and I’m not saying it happened but I’m 100% saying it wouldn’t surprise me. These evil POS hate kids. It’s not the kids fault but there’s something fishy about the parents. Kinda like the movie hereditary. And we know Hollywood likes to show us their agendas in fantastical ways. AGAIN, IM NOT SAYING THIS HAPPENED.

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From what I’ve read they plan things 50 years in advance. It’s why they’re unstoppable. By the time we realize their plans, it’s too late

I don’t see this as a good argument.

Couldn’t this argument then be made about every event from JFK to 9/11.

Denial is interesting.

It is horrifying to contemplate a kid as harmless looking as Lanza could go kill a bunch of little kids

Its so horrifying an entire industry has been spawned to tell people, no a harmless looking kid you wouldn’t look twice at could not possibly have done this.

Talk about whistling past the graveyard

I don’t kno about all that. But I have wondered about those guys who were running through the woods.

What’s the official story on those guys? And what’s the conspiracy story on them?

I can’t find the old Sandy hook documentary people are talking about.

But I’ve been watching the Alex Jones defamation trial, I’m learning a lot of what the questions were .

Seriously Disappointed GIF by The Resident on FOX


This is how I felt about the Vegas shooting, the friends I had in attendance all said the official report was total bullshit, but as the evidence started to come out, cell phone vids, bodycams, it turned out the police weren’t lying, they were just excluding crucial details about the case in the press conferences , which were lies of omission, which led to tons of conspiracies. With Vegas they could’ve avoid 90% of conspiracies but for some reason decided to be super weird about it (even counter suing the victims for less liability) absolute bizarre shit…

I didn’t folllow Sandy Hook so I’m unaware oh how they handled the crisis afterwards. I’m assuming they were tight lipped and that led people to question everything?

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I get it

The father being interviewed on the news seemed really strange at the time but who knows.

People don’t want to even read a public report cause they don’t have the attention span. Will listen to wild conspiracy theories on YouTube…


Walk away feom that shit dude! Find something more productive to spend time with!

Plus, EMTs were allowed in the school & the FBI crime stat of no deaths is false. It’s clearly listed in the same state report they refer to.

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It destroying society imo. The more access to the internet the worse it is

Yeah, there was an entire afternoon of live news footage from that day on literally every single broadcaster in the entire country showing EMTs on the scene.

Stuff like this makes me lean towards what Jones is doing to be malicious.

For instance, the Nancy Lanza house stuff can be found with a page 1 Google search.

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I passed through Sandy Hook maybe a couple days after it happened. Very eerie town. There was a long road/driveway leading down to the school which was cordoned off. I remember seeing the police cars parked down there in the fog. It was a pretty surreal scene. The entire town looked traumatized. Is it silly to think that the shooting was staged? I’m going to say yes, but only because you’d be a fool to think the government wouldn’t actually have all those kids killed. I don’t know much about the official story, but it wouldn’t surprise me at all if it was full of holes and if whatever incidents leading up to the boy shooting up the school weren’t an accident.


Just watched a 3 hr video from that link. Looks to be the chillest ems and cops ever seen. Just an hour after 26 people were murdered these people dont seem to give a shit. Check it out.

I went to school in New England and for years would stop @ the Newton exit on i-84 to fill up my tank, take a piss, etc. on my commute to campus from home.

Nice 24/7 diner there too.

I was driving through like a week and a half after the shooting en route to visit a friend and I still remember the zombie look the employee had on his face at the gas station convenience store, along with seeing news vans in the parking lot of the diner.

Didn’t connect the dots that this was the Sandy Hook/Newton exit. I always just knew it as Exit #10.

Very weird vibe, just like you described. Usually a friendly area but nobody making eye contact, no small talk, etc. You can sense that the entire area was in mourning.

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Sandy Hook nor any of these shootings ever make sense. There always something bigger at play.

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