Sanshou in early UFC's

Sure it's just speculation. But we know Rorion avoided certain styles to save Royce (like Sambo and any other BJJ guys etc.)
If a high level Sanshou guy had been in UFC 1 I can't see Royce getting a takedown...and definatly not landing a single strike.

"a high level Sanshou guy"


There's the problem with your hypothetical.

Yeah there pretty much is only one high level san shou guy..Cung.

Cung himself said Frank was his toughest 'MMA' fight. He's probably had some wars in Sanshou.

Damn Cung was ripped in that top video! I remember that fight. That was a big win for Cung.

the last one had to be a work or else that guy got tooled..

It was an exhibition.

Yeah I saw him do an exhibition like that at the arnold classic the first year (before gracies took over)..might have been the same guy..hell that might be the same exhibition.

Cung was asked to enter UFC 1, he turned it down.

"Sanshou or Sanda is the biggest MA in China and Mongolia."

No, they're not.

They're pretty small in both.


you're either trolling or you are blatantly ingnorant and just don't care (tell us which?)

King of San Da was the #3 rated show on Chinese TV. There are both government programs and private clubs in every major city. Heck, there is even a major movie about San Shou/San Da (in English they spelled it "xanda" but no difference)

I guess most people don't realize that KJ Noons first entered a ring and fought under San Da rules. he fought Cung's tream mate Rudi Ott for an ISKA title.

James Franshier is a san da fighter under Cung

But perhaps more significantly, in Brazil members of their national san da team fought in IVC's and did very well

But don't let the facts get in your way

SANSHOU!!!! that crap only work on movies.


Shonie Carter fought in San Da too..Who cares really though..There is only one dude anyone gives a rip about in san da/san shou..Only one big name. Of the people you mentioned, the common mma fan would be like "WHO?"
KJ Noons wasnt known at all until mma so it just goes to show noone cares about any of em except Cung. I never heard anyone say "Wow, I'd love to see Noons in mma" when he was in san shou, but they sure did with Cung...Hell they talked about it here for years and years, before he ever did it, as you know.

And to be so popular in China, its crazy that an american is the best at it. Hell to learn it here ya gotta look deep into the yellow pages, and yet, the best is from here..Odd.

To me anyway.

Im not saying there aren't skilled guys, hell Ive sparred with a couple and got my abs kicked through my back and was lit up from every angle..Just that noone cares about anyone but Cung Le..well, besides you cause you teach it.

back then i think any decent striker who wrestled could beat royce if they knew to sprawl and brawl

  • "Shonie Carter fought in San Da too" -

Yes, but Shonie isn't trained in San da, he isn't a san da fighter. That's why I didn't mention him. The others are actually trained in San Da and use it as their method

  • "And to be so popular in China, its crazy that an american is the best at it."

Cung is NOT the "best" by far. In three world championships he took THIRD each time. The last time, IMHO, he was robbed and ripped off with a bogus DQ. But the other two world championships he clearly lost to Russians, who are top dogs in San Da. (along with Brazilians and Iranians, Koreans, Chinese obviously, Vietnamese)

  • "Im not saying there aren't skilled guys"

As MMA gets more popular, and San Da grows, the two will cross a lot more. Look into "Art of War" in China for example

KJ Noons wasnt known at all until mma

I disagree. He was probably known by every major "kickboxing" team in the country.