Santa would have to go to 823 houses per second

In order to deliver all presents in time

I the only one who thinks that's pretty much impossible? Phone Post 3.0

You've just shattered the UG's reality Phone Post 3.0

Gritty, I know this is gonna suck for you but Santa is not real my fren.

there is obviously more than one santa

You mean "Santa DOES 823 house per second" Phone Post 3.0

Should be no problem with the team of reindeer he's put together. Phone Post 3.0

The guy is magical bro. MAGICAL! Phone Post 3.0

Santa exists on a different time/space continuum than us.  Seconds for us are years for Santa... it actually takes him 6 years of his time to deliver presents every Christmas.  How about you show some appreciation, Grinchy?

Did you also count the hood? Phone Post 3.0

All the footage over the years has shown him slowly wandering around living rooms or on his sled in a fast but normal range of speed. Perhaps he has ability to warp time? Phone Post 3.0

Phone Post 3.0

Fuck off Gritty. Just because you can't do it doesn't mean santa can't!

Watch the documentary, Arthur Christmas.

All is explained! Phone Post 3.0

Under the right circumstances. Phone Post 3.0

So he has a little time to spare. Pretty sure the perv touches my wife every year during that second. Phone Post 3.0

As for me and grandpa... we believe.

Get off my lawn

Satan Claws?

Two things to consider

1. Time zones can stretch his workday a little longer.

2. Santa can skip entire cities and states. Maybe even countries too.

More than that. He stops at my place for a slow blow. Phone Post 3.0