Sao Paolo x Rio x Florapolis x Buzios

Which would you recommend tourists visit if they were a mid 40's couple looking to eat good food, dance and just take in the sights. Phone Post 3.0

I stayed in Buzios and it was great. I was by myself most of the time so I would sit in the little market/square area and drink beers and people watch. There's several restaurants, bars, and beaches as well. Cool little place.

It's supposed to be a big tourist area during the busy season. I was there in the off time and it wasn't crowded at all. Basically just locals. The thing that struck me as odd, for a tourist spot at least, was that people often seemed to look at me like they'd never seen a white guy before.

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my gf is from sp. she says go to floripa

Rio and buzios are close enough to visit both. Sp is not for tourists. Fp is nice in the summer but nothing special most of the year imho. Phone Post 3.0

ranier wolfcastle -

my gf is from sp. she says go to floripa


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