Saori Yoshida - Best Wrestler of Games?

She just won her 3rd consecutive Olympic gold in the women's freestyle 55kg and the final match against a game opponent wasn't even close.
She has also won 9 of the 10 last world championships and every international tournament she has actually entered.
Is there any top active wrestler out there that can match her record?

very impressive

is she hot?

def. one of the most dominant athletes in recent memory.

she had a 115 match win streak that was only recently broken.

junon - is she hot?


She looked completely untouchable this year, she wasn't scored on the entire tournament, not just the final. Only Saitiev and Karelin have comparable records. If she wins another world championship, as seems almost inevitable, she'll have more than Karelin and she's not a physical freak in a fat-man division like he was.

Always cool to find out about dominant athletes like her.

japan did quite well.. even though they only got a few gold medals.

they got dozens of silver and bronze.

if you go by the Us counting system.. Japan ends up top 5-7 overall i believe.

being ranked 6th in the world for overall medals is nothing to be proud of?

No one does the total count for medal standings.

It's the number of gold medals you get that ranks your country. Don't be ridiculous.

^ that is true.

but the US uses the TOTAL MEDAL count in most of their rankings.

I rank by GOLD only as well.. but having a ton of silver and bronze STILL DOES show elite status as a sporting nation.

Heineken Man - Look how small Japan's population is compared to other countries.

They have done awsome.

And they do best in combat sports. Even worthier then, say, excelling at badminton or ping pong.