Sapp / Butterbean fight 2morrow...

K-1 is having an event tomorrow with the following lineup w/ my picks. What are yours?

Montanha Silva vs Butterbean: MONTANHA by decision

Sefo vs Bob Sapp: SEFO by TKO

***8 man tourney***

Bernardo vs Tomihara: BERNARDO by KO

Uchida vs Amada: AMADA by KO

...don't know the other names in the tourney, so I'll go with Bernardo to take it.

the bean is going to knock silva the fuck out IMO.

8 man tourney should be entertaining...hopefully we get to see sapp vs bean that would rock.

Beans going to drop Silva like a big mack down his stomach.

Silva, despite his size/reach advantage, will lose. He really hasn't shown as great as technical skill as I would've liked.

For some reason, I think Sapp will win as well.