Sapp challenges Tyson at Dynamite

"Sapp challenges Tyson at Dynamite

Special thanx to Monty di Pietro

Once again, the American Mike Tyson appeared on the big scree (photo) at a K-1 tournament, this time, during the Dynamite edition, yesterday. Tyson predicted the Bob Sapp's quick victory over the Sumo star Akebono. Lately, Iron Tyson was challenged by The Beast. "Akebono accepted the challenger", said Sapp: "He is a great man and accepter the challenger!". Then, the former Football player turned to the screen and launched: "Now, it's your turn, Mike Tyson!". Straight from Hawaii, the Boxing ex-champion laughed and answered: "I want to face Bob Sapp. He's strong, I respect that, but he can't beat me!"."