Sapp KTFO and I LOVE IT!!!!

Thats what happens when you take your roided-up no-talent freakshow-act to the toughest sport on earth (MMA that is)!! Soon his K1 career will be over also! Then maybe the big shows leaves it to the real athletes and leave the freaks out!

Anybody else have this (great) feeling regarding Sapp being soccerkicked by Fujita to la-la-land?


Links to (good) pics copied from another tread;

nice pics, looks like Sapp got a good kicking.

love the brown canvas!

Sapp has no place in MMA or K1! Sure he has won fights by pure strenght/size but I prefer to see a technical well-rounded fighter over pure strenght any day!

Think of it this way, How long did it take Mino to beat him?

Everyone knows Sapp is way over rated. He a dangerous man and seems like a nice guy, but he's just out there cashing in. You can't blame him, but how can you deny he's over rated? Good for Fujita.

It's the Sapp vs. Tamura thing that really bothers me and the fact that they have babied him.


To be honest, I cant believe you want too see Sapp in MMA again!

"show me a rating/ranking or evena general consensus by the UG that shows sapp as ranked high or has superior skill sets. "

He headlines K1's big fights. He's a top billed K1 fighter.

If you want to go into denial, go ahead.

Bob Sapp is a joke.

He trolled the living shit out of the Japanese though.

Only an idiot would have picked Sapp over Fujita.

Sapp's great and it is fun to watch him fight, but he really is not much of a fighter.

bobsappfan is correct. By the way, I think Sapp would stillbeat most of the heavyweights out there.

Gimme some mo...