Sapp needs to find new work

I have to admit I enjoy watching Sapp's fights, but primarily just to see how many times he gets to break the rules and what sort of sad face he'll make when someone hits him.

SILK had a good review of the fight, but I gotta say Sefo came in in great shape, and was totally unafraid of Sapp. It was pretty damned cool to see him taunting Sapp after his usual gorilla flurries, and finally drop him with a body shit in the second. Although I think that one was more from fatigue than anything else.

I don't understand why the announcers thought Sapp's effort was so great - and I don't understand why Sapp continues to fight. He still can't take a hit, and turns his back, and breaks the rules in pretty much every one of his fights still. Unless he has more contractual obligations I honestly wish he would pack it in, because no fighters should be making those "Holy crap, that bad man just hit me" faces for the majority of their fights.

Glad the guy's making money, but hope he's got enough so he doesn't have to get his ass continually kicked by people 100-150 pounds lighter than him.

lol, just noticed a slightly amusing typo in there

lol @ body shit

lol...body shits hurt like hell

lol, i stopped reading after body shit