Sapp v Vov?

Both in their primes, who takes it?

At some point, Vov hits him so hard he wishes he would've been knocked out.

 Sapp via brutal beating

 Vov does really well against huge guys with limited skills.




He'd mentally break Sapp.

Bob's only chance would be a huge slam that injured him.

simlar to the fujita fight except this time w/ permanent dain bramage.

PersianFedor - Sapp never got the heart to fight when he got hit. He isnt a atletic specimen. He is just a huge man with no techinal moves

Please rewatch the Hoost fights, Bob took a beating in both those matches, got dropped by a body, and kept going at Hoost.

Sapp was only dangerous when he HAD to fight. Once he got famous and was a star, fighting was just something to keep his name out there.

When I envision this fight Sapp takes it, but I feel like Igor would probably win, being much faster and much more technical. But Sapp beat Hoost. I don't know, Sapp I guess. Phone Post

Igor could beat three Sapp's in one night. Phone Post