Sapp vs Aekbono:photos( LOL!!!)

From Sportsnavi Peace and''um grande abraço''

sweet, thankx man

Your boy landed right on his head!!

I want to see this in video!!

Another one:

looks like it was a war. sapp looks in terrible shape

Thanks, BRO



Way to disgrace your legacy, lol.

A beach whale.

with a build like that was there ever any doubt ??

I thought about this fight before it happened and those pics exactly resemble the images I had in my head lol

C'mon REALLY...what was that fat dude going to do besides go straight down?

I hear they signed Pee-Wee Herman for Sapp's next big challenge.

The 1nd picture is my new desktop wallpaper. That is a great shot. It would have been cool if he actually balanced like that for a few seconds.

Gotta love the synchronized double jab by Sapp in pic 1. Last time I saw that was in 4th grade. What a tomato can that other dude was!

Looks like Sapp has been working on his Tai Chi in that first pic.

It was the end of a fire ball. The guy taking the pic missed the part where the chi flame came out of Sapps hands and knocked the sumo guy out.

I'm with Cochese here. I hope this will shut up all the Sumo jockriders on this board!

NFL IS FAR SUPERIOR TO SUMO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

sumo rules