Sapp vs. Fujita K-1 MMA romanex

Sapp vs. Fujita will be an amazing fight its good to see sapp back where he belongs under MMA rules. And finally against a wrestler. But I don't think fujita can take sapp out. I will call this one .Sapp by flying monkey punch your head while your on your back and I am standing tko ref stoppage.

Sapp will gas out and lose. No way he can faze fujita.

Fujita has one of the best shots in MMA. He will get sapp down.

Unfortunately, Sapp has been winning in very mysterious fashion recently. I believe his last few fights he won by inflicting "mysterious" injuries on his opponents.

I wouldn't be surprised if Fujita get's a mysterious injury.

This fight should be legit. its not like fujita is on his wait out of the game ala tamura's "Fight" with Yoshida.

Go Fujita!!! I think he'll be able to take Sapp down and pound him. Sapp will gas.

I gotta give this one to sapp he beats people he shouldn't. Like that sumo. who had any idea he would be the crap out of him?

Sapp isn't really a great K-1 fighter, and the apparent working of some of his matches in his favor seems to indicate that.

In MMA? With minimal training, he was able to hang with one of the top 3 HW MMA fighters in the world! Against Nog anyways, his lack of good striking skill really didn't hurt him too much, and with sheer strength and decent athleticism he was able to put a severe hurting on him before getting caught in an armbar.

That said, I think Fujita's strength and skill will just be too much for Sapp to handle. I see Fujita getting the takedown early and pounding him to a GnP stoppage. Fujita just doesn't get knocked out, and Sapp's jaw is highly suspect!

"Fujita has one of the best shots in MMA."

He is very powerful but his shots are incredibly slow and telegraphed.

I agree with the above two posts.

In his last MMA match, the Mongolian wrestler (Yokozuna Asashoryu's brother) was able to easily take down and control Sapp. And it was his first MMA match. I'm sure Fujita will take him down with the same ease and do a lot of g&p

Going for Fujita as Im tired of this gimmick sapp. the guy os hard to hurt thats his talent.

Sapp will win . We will have to wait and see if it is a work of not. More than likely it will be.

go Fujita! he's a bona fide pimp...with a rock for a melon

does that means when Fujita talks it's literally "the Rock says?"

Oh course. thats goes without saying.

I want to see Fujita knee Sapp from sidemount 20 times in the head!

Fujita. Sapp has no skills.

Fujita will win due to skill.

Why is Sapp's chin highy suspect? To my knowledge, he just got stopped (due to striking) by Cro Cop. Cro Cop didnt even knock him out, albeit he broke Sapp's orbitol bone, but I dont see how that means he has a weak chin. Hoost also couldn't knock him out in the two times they fought.

Don Frye vs. Yoshihiro Nakao might turn out to be a decent match up.

Nakao apparently has real decent skills. He weighs in at 98 kg, and is reportedly, a superb freestyle wrestler.

His only MMA fight was a 12/31 win by G&P stoppage over former Olympic Gold Medal Judo Player David Khavelechia (sp) from Russia, who weighed close to 400 lbs. David K. obviously gassed.

I pick Fujita by majority decision.