Any info on these little babies? Manuals, manufacturers, how-to-build, how-to-use? Especially interested in manuals. Also, has anyone ever used one?

To get the ball rolling, I found a guy selling a 'grey area' type sap:

and this article:

on forum (giving credit where due).

i don't have URL handy, but do a search on chas clements. from what i've read off of rec.martial-arts and some forums, he makes good ones.

thanx, url is

no prob on the link. sorry, was swamped before. you also poobear on martialtalk?


on a diff note, there's a thread on jkd forum asking for info on system - not sure if you want to post.

are you also poobear on martialtalk?

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Thanks for the heads up, and the links.

NP on the links - i would like to see more online stuff on the sap

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The fastest and easiest homemade one I know of
is a bar of soap and a sock. Don't assemble it until
you need it or think you will and it is totally legal to
carry around until you put it together. Just drop the
bar of soap in the sock and you're set. Remember
these things are deadly so don't go hitting people
in the head with it. The best targets are the nuts
and the back of the hands. You can also make one
that is just about as good as a commercially made
one by sewing up a long leather pouch from a boot
tongue, fill the tip with buckshot and tape it from the
open end toward the buckshot in order to pack the
shot. It is possible to add a spring but that gets a
bit more complicated. They are basically a close
range grappling weapon and are almost as lethal
as a knife. I do not carry one and do not
recommend carrying one unless you life is in
danger. As far as I know they are illegal almost
everywhere in the U.S. and in some states even
Peace Officers are not allowed to carry one. Think
twice about making, acquiring or using one.


His service was great and the product is excellent.

A true craftsman. I highly recomend Chas.