Sara McMann: Elite Wrestler Invading Women’s MMA

Elite wrestlers have been taking men’s mixed martial arts by storm lately. From NCAA Division I champions and All-Americans to Olympic medalists, there’s a good chance you can find an elite male wrestler in MMA without much effort. But venture into the shallow pool of female mixed martial artists, and the search won’t render quite as many results.

However, there’s one lady poised to make waves in Strikeforce who can boast world-class wrestling skills and an Olympic medal to boot. Her name is Sara McMann.

In 2004, McMann became the first American woman to claim a silver medal in freestyle wrestling at the Olympics. However, her life hasn’t been filled with victory. Loss has also played a big part in shaping McMann. Not loss on the wrestling mat, but loss of a much more tragic variety.


Excited to see more and more female talent flood into MMA as the years go by!

Maybe by 2015 the woman's divisions will actually be fleshed out a bit to the point that they don't need to feed every girl in the world winning a fight to Cris Cyborg.


RIP Steve Blackford. Was a great coach and awesome guy (her fiancee that died).

 ttt       == Quite a story. I'll root for her regardless of what/how she does.

good luck with her career. look forward to seeing her.

She shared a locker room with us here at Lejeune. Nice girl.

She and her opponent put on a heckuva fight (amatuer fight of the night).

BTW, opponent was Rachel Dovidio (i believe a forum member here and also tough as nails).

I know Sara (kind of, i was tight with her brother and knew her pops & sis). She is gonna do big things and she is really down to earth. I wish her nothing but the best


Thanks for the kind words on the piece.. Sara is easy to cheer for once you hear her story :)

Both of these ladies are going MMA!