Sasquatch Open #2- April 19, 2008

Keep an eye on the website, as we will be making updates soon!!!

Sasquatch Open #2
Davenport, IA @ "The Bubble"

With just over 100 competitors at our last event, OVER A THIRD OF THEM WALKED AWAY WITH DOOR PRIZES, including at least 4 gi's worth over $150!!! We will have even more prizes to give out this time!!! Don't miss this event!!!


What service did you go through to build your website?

I am looking to build mine for the "Ohio Grappling Challenge"...and I am trying to find a good host.

Your site is preety much what I am looking for.

Thanks for the info.

- Dustin Ware (



We paid a local company to do it. I will hopefully be taking over the day to day duties, so that it can be a little more "active". As of now, if I want something done, I have to email the guy, and that is becoming kind of a pain. Also, we have been told that we paid too much for it! :( lol

I can get you the info if you still want it though.

I will send this to your email address as well, just in case you don't check this thread again! ;)

Ron :)