Sasquatch Open #3 "LOCK-NESS "

Sasquatch Open #3, to be held in Davenport, Iowa, is currently taking applications for the "Lock-Ness" division, which will be NO time limit- SUBMISSION ONLY!  This event is scheduled for August.

Cash and possible LCD TV as the winner-take-all prize give away! :)

This time they are looking for guys 175lbs. and below!

If you are interested, please email me at BZLJJ@AOL.COM, or!

Poster for our April 26th event:

Dude..LCD.. why not Plasma?

Just send it to me now, cause I would win the 175 anyways.


LOL, maybe we can do PLASMA? I usually don't listen to what my partner says anyway! lol

ttt for ENTRIES!!! :)


Jon Friedland from WI Sauer Black Belt and MMA Stand-out.

this is everything good about the sport


Have him email me! I have heard good things about him! :)


Thanks! How have you been? :)

Did I mention $$$ CASH $$$ ??? ;)




175 lbs. and UNDER...for the Sasquatch Open #3 Lock-Ness tournament!!! :)

Still looking for guys to compete in the Lock-Ness tournament for CASH and prizes! We are getting a small list, but still need more to choose from!!! :)


I'll run this by Henry Matamoros, he may be there anyways so he might as well make a run at the money. Then he can pay for my lappers at Daisy Duke's!


Great idea, I will myspace him tonight, or if you have his phone number and can email it to me, I will call him! Thanks! :)


Is August too far away? I figured that this would have had a better response. Maybe I titled it wrong? :(

Will Charles, from TapOut, be there?