Sat open mat...with Nova Uniao BB

Ok guys here is your opportunity to train every saturday in an open mat format.

For those of you who dont know, Rodney Ellis recently returned to sydney after spending close to a year in brasil training at Nova Uniao in rio. After numerous trips to brazil, Rodney finally made it back to Australia with the coveted Black belt!!!

With this, Rodney has decided to do an open mat styled class for anybody/everybody regardless of affiliation and political persausion.

The classes have already commenced and will take place every saturday from 12pm - 2pm at the Daceyville(SP) PCYC, which is near Maroubra.

For more info call: 0402 116 659

Hi Sputnik,

Would that be no gi?


you can what ever you like!

Thanks mate, hopefully see you there soon!



Thank you Sputniik for the post. But I will just clarify a few things.

This is not so much an "open mat" but rather the beginning of a "semi new" school. Several years ago I registered the business name Southern Cross Jiu-Jitsu Academy, and spoke with my Australian coaches Larry and JD in regards to starting it. Even though both of them were fully supportive, I decided to wait until after I had achieved my black belt and had made the decision to live in Australia full time. As that has happened, the school is now official.

As I work full-time, and teach at Boxing Works, I will be starting slowly, and as such I am only teaching at Daceyville (5 mins from Maroubra Junction) one day per week.

The school is an official Nova Uniao Academy, and is naturally affiliated with Extreme Jiu-Jitsu & Grappling. The name Southern Cross just comes my personal history in jiu-jitsu.

For further information, please see my temporary website (which needs a graphical facelift). This is at

The only other point I think I need to make is in regards to the above question - all classes are currently Brazilian jiu-jitsu, i.e. with the gi. No gi will follow later.

If you have any further questions, feel free to fill out the online form on the site.


Rodney Ellis

ps. Thank you to all my coaches and friends over the years who have helped me do this, namely Larry, JD, Dede & Assed, plus all my training partners everywhere.

Congratulations Rodney. Good luck with the new venture!

Congrats Rodney!!! web page doesn't look to shabby at the moment.

goodluck with the new school.