Sato vs Sudo???

Hey everybody,

Does anybody know if this match has ever happened? Sudo vs Sato would seem like an interesting match up to me.

If it did happen, what were the rules (MMA, ADCC, shooto, etc.), who won and how, and are there any clips available?

If it hasn't happened, what do you all think the outcome would be??

I haven't heard, but it'd be a great match. Tough call but I'd have to go with Sudo

i've always wanted to see this fight... 2 lightning quick submission guys with flying attacks.

maybe sudo's a bit better positionally, with sato being more agressive with leg attacks. i wouldn't know who to call in adcc... can't imagine it not going to submission.... but in mma, i'd have to give it to sudo with the striking advantage, only because sato seems a little fragile at times.

genki via robo-dance into backfist.