Satoru coming to the UFC.

from Gryphon.

Satoru Kitaoka (Pancrase fighter) will be fighting in the UFC soon.

For those who don't know him, in 04 he submitted Kurt Pelligrino and in his last fight he submitted the VERY slick Thomas Schulte.

To the tremendous top!


damn I thought this was about sentoryu


damn, how long has it been since Japanese fighters have been in UFC? hope he does well.

"damn, how long has it been since Japanese fighters have been in UFC?"

About one month.

Also, Gryphon doesn't mention anything about Kitaoka fighting in the UFC soon. It says he was in Oishi's corner for his UFC fight against Diaz.

Actually there was the undersized and disinterested Oishii.

Why was Oishi ever invited to the UFC in the first place?

Oops- just saw his fight stats on sherdog. Surprisingly his record is pretty good, with a draw with Heath Sims and a win over Chris Lytle.

Gotta say, I'm pretty surprised, as he looked horrible in his fight with Diaz.

Pancrase and UFC cut a deal. Terrell was locked in a contract with Pancrase, and Zuffa badly wanted Terrell. So Pancrase let Zuffa have Terrell, but in return 3 Pancrase fighters would get UFC exposure. Why Pancrase chose Oishi to represent them I will never ever know. (I'm pretty sure Marquardt is fighter #2 for the deal. So, one guy left.)

Oishi is a very good wrestler who has tried to become a better striker. But he is unbelievably boring and too damn small for welterweight. He should be a lightweight.

That fight was a nasty mismatch. It should've been Inoue or Hasegawa in there. Even Kitaoka would've been a better choice, despite Oishi holding a victory over him.

Diaz vs. Inoue would've been a great fight...