Saturday Fights

It was a long day but exciting with all the different fights:

(1) Troy did exceptionally well at the Point Kickboxing event in Durham during the morning.

(2) MMA fight show in Danville was great.  Eventhough we didn't have anyone from LDMA fighting - it was great to have the team hanging out.

(3) UFC fights - We went from Danville show to Longhorn and watched some of these fights.

Big Day - Lots of Fights - Most fun was hanging out with the team & my son.  It was nice to finally meet Kong's girlfriend (eventhough he wouldn't introduce her to anyone); hang out with Levi's girlfriend; and see Tank (only 8-9 weeks left in his training school).

Sorry guys no southern hospitality here!! Mabye next time!


I met you at the tournament on Saturday, I was the team roc dude.

How's it going RoninWarrior.  There were so many TeamROC guys there - I presume you were the one who made me re-do the wraps  Everyone I talk to from your team are always cool to hang out with.

Lol, naw that definately wasn't me. Sadly I didn't get to go to Danville, but I heard it was a blast.

I remember you now - sorry - I was confused about which tournament.  You looked good at the Durham event and I talked to Brent about you representing the team so well.  Sorry you couldn't make it up to Danville, it was a good event.  Hopefully we will see you at other events.

I really appreciate that, are you going to the June 9th tournament in Durham?