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pic not found

No Pic Snapple ?

^ not funny.

Apple or Chucks?? 

LOL at the spelling. And do I even have to tell you where all the hot bitches will be?

Those pictures rule.

Sutka is way better than the Grove...

NICE party OCbadapple...

Hitman is good for the sport.

My name is Mike Blak and I approve of this thread.

REHAB at Hard Rock is THE BEST FUCKIN PARTY EVER!!!!!!!!!!

My eyes fell out of their sockets at pool party.

1000 hot girls in bikini's , drunk or on X, coke whatever.

Friendly and tons of skin..

Must go party in vegas

i alternated pisses between pool and bathroom.

Walking by swinsuit models laying on beds in thongs was som nice visuals on the way to thebathroom

Chuck wasn't yelling at them...that's what it looks like when a redneck tries to get his mack on.

Reggie, I would have introduced you to all the hot girls at Rehab. We do
run that place

it wll be off the hook.hahah dan paying for girl to hang out

assman checkin in!

ocbadapple, did u have a conversation with a girl who moved from Davenport at a bar out there?


Sutra is only a DUI away from the Grove...