whats with the painted finger nails??? EMO!!


Will Tiki be there!??

To the top for girls kissing


i dunno, im not a big fan of the scottsdale scene. Just moved out to Awatukke (sp?) from tempe, so i havent been out lately....

u have any suggestions?

tiki will indeed be there.

He will be at the gate deciding who will go into the big party.

Its a natural fit, he is a gatekeeper you know.

Word up Apple !!

yes mike. I forget her name. She told me that UFC and MMA are two
different sports. LOL. And that the Pride champions couldnt hang with the
UFC champs. And that Tim Sylvia wore his belt to the State Fair. She
seemed like a cool girl, but a bit of a "know it all". LOL. I dont think she
liked me very much, cuz I said Tim Sylvia is goofy looking. Oh yeah, she
said she used a taser gun on spencer fischer's balls once.

EMO EMO EMO!!!!!!!

TTT for an update



it look s like a good charlotte convention

wtf! pics?

oh , it got weird, let me tell you

pics soon