Saturday Report

Fished a Fund Raising Tournament with my Buddy and our 2 sons Saturday.

Its was pretty nice ou a high of 85 and winds 5-10.

The format of the tournament was you needed to catch snook, redfish and trout. Every fish counted, you had to take a pic of each fish on a measuring board or stick and the team with the highest total inches at the end won.

While castnetting for bait we got 2 small trout both about 15" but atleast we had something on the board.

We then hit a couple mangroves and got donut. After that we hit an oyster bar where last year at this time there was a lot of cookie cutter redfish. Cookie cutter meaning not big fish but bigger than rat reds. Well they were back at the bar! For about 2 hours straight we had a fish on. We ended up getting about 30 redfish out of there which helped us a lot.

After the redfish action died down we hit some docks for snook and pulled 3 nice slot fish from 27"- 29".

Lines out was at 12:30 but we quit around 11 cause our 5 and 6 year old were getting tired.

Off to the awards Banquet!

Our boat got:
1st overall
1st place Jr.
2nd Place Jr.

Our total inches for the tournament was around 700 and second place was 152! Thank God we took pics cause the folks there werent too happy with us, oh well.

So my boy won a nice trophy and a 1/2 day charter with some captain Ive never heard of. We won a big trophy, 3 day stay at the Hyatt in the Keys including airfare. We got a lot of nice fish and got to help out on a good cause.

What a great day!

congrats man! nice day on the water and for a good reason...