Saul Goodman’s new movie NOBODY

Gonna add the Korean movie "The Man from Nowhere" to this list. Good story, nice action scenes. I liked it a lot more than Taken. Great movie overall.


Will watch this Nobody movie but it really does remind me of Taken in the sense that someone that looks unathletic on screen is doing "amazing" things.

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A History of Violence and Eastern Promises are must sees.

Imagine him with 6 months heavy weight training to beef up he'd make a great Punisher if he could tone down the Saul Goodman

Is it streaming anywhere?

Still can’t find any streams online for this movie. Wtf.
Movie theaters are closed so that’s not an option.

Blu-ray release got pushed for some reason from 3/26 to 6/15. Good luck finding it before then.

started watching it, thought he was miscast really.

will definitely finish it someday, maybe when a better copy is out.

Ahh okay makes sense. I could have sworn too that Mortal Kombat came out April 7. Looked yesterday and it’s near the end of the month.