Saulo and Andre Galvao take gold!

Black Belt results from the North American BJJ event today in Redondo.

Saulo won two bouts.  First one with rolling reverse omoplata/kimura using his legs.  Second match was won on two nice takedowns.  He won the 181 and over title.

Andre Galvao was a beast taking home the 181 and under title.  He fought Cassio Werneck in the finals and looked impressive in every single match, he was unbelievable.  He submitted Joao Cunha in 1 minute with a sick toehold.  He tapped Frederrico Sabbatini fairly easily after scoring several points with a choke from the mount.  It was very impressive as Sabbatini is a very good black belt who has a sub victory over Cleber from last year.  Wander Braga had a bye in round 1 and lost via armlock to Cassio, although for a while it looked like Wander was going to win as he scored some points and had a lead.  Both guys did great.


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I thought Saulo retired from competition.Good to see him back.

<!--StartFragment -->He did retire. He said he would only compete in events that were professional and paid fighters for winning. Mundial isn't a professional event. It's sorta like the Olympics where guys don't get paid (they do get sponsorship money though) but the best in the world go there to compete against each other.

Galvao is AMAZING - next generation of BJJ...

Saulo has been winning BJJ for a long time now, it would be cool to see him train MMA and cross over.