Saulo DVD 6 Pass Guard, Video Clip

I have to now say that by watching this DVD set, that it is one that has offered me the biggest improvement in my own game since Vale-Tudo series 1. The more that I watch the DVDs and have been choosing clips, the more this set really amazes me. The thing that really sets this set apart is that Saulo takes every single technique, I mean ever single move on all 6 DVDs. He then just completely blows the move apart and shows you were the move can be dramatically improved as compared the previous way you may have been doing.


I am about to release another set of DVDs that is really going to knock the sport JJ world for a loop. This one is with the new 2004 Mundial champion, Marcelo Garcia. However, Saulo’s DVDs are completely different. With Garcia’s new set, people are going to be scratching their heads going “what the hell was that” and will spend months trying to learn these new concepts.



With Jiu-Jitsu Revolution, almost every move is one that you have seen before. These techniques are the foundations of Jiu-Jitsu. Saulo takes all of these move and just destroys previous concepts and shows his way doing the move. Every single technique is just like this. Everyone single one. Every move will be a treat on all six DVDs because you will all be very familiar with what he is doing until he throws his spin on it. At 40 years old and only training twice per week, I cannot even begin to try moves like Garcia can pull off. However, this set is one that will change everyone’s game and has been the single biggest improvement to my own game since Sperry’s  Vale-Tudo. With that being said, I wanted to pick one of the most basic moves from the guard passing DVDS that I could. Use the word Revolution in the discount code box for $25 off.


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Thanx Paul! The Saulo set seems to be great. I'd like to get one. To cutting down on shipping cost, I'd have to wait till I have enough money to make multiple purchases though


I'm trying to get on to purchase the dvd's but it keeps asking me to login and create and account. I do, then it says it's timed out....

Steve, if you are having a problem with the cart, call 800-682-9842. Just tell them you want the Saulo series and that you want the MMA.TV special. We will adjust the price for you when we ship. Thanks,


Is Marcello garcia's next set a Sport (GI) jiujitsu set and NOT a submission wrestling set?

Paul please check your aol email. Order #: WMA20041103001526

In a prior post he said that the second Garcia set would be Sport JJ

I waited a little while, and retried it, and this time I must have done it correctly.. ordered!


Bounce, sorry I did not see your question in this thread until just now. The new Garcia set is Sport JJ just like goph94 indicated.

Just wanted to say thanks for bringing back the sport jiujitsu aspect to the instructional world. In a time where it seemed like everyone was going to the subbmision grappling with no gi, there was a big voild left after the Sperry Master series I and II.

Anyway, in regards to the Marcelo Garcia set, any chance you could give us a small idea as to what we can expect. Maybe how the DVD's are broken down, like Submisssions, more X gaurd(which would be great buy the way), sweeps...etc.. Well thanks again.

This set looks great but since I only train no-gi it doesn't appeal to me. If Saulo ever does a sub. wrestling set in the same vein as this one (he's no slouch at no-gi) count me in for a purchase.

Paul - I did a gi private with Marcelo Garcia and he is outstanding! I can't wait for his gi series to come out. Paul do you know when its coming out?

Hats off to Paul for posting these clips for us. In my
addiction for buying more instructionals I know that
I'll be ordering Saulo's in the future. However, my
constructive criticism is that Saulo should have
done these instructionals with his brother Xande. It
seems that the guy doing the demo with him is not
realistically posing any threat to Saulo at any point.
It would be amazing to see Saulo and his brother
put together a series of their most successful
techniques in competition.
In the Sperry Master Series 1 you can see Mario
and Murilo demonstrate high level of competition
jiu-jitsu. Even though Mario is gasping for air or
almost getting his arm broken at times.

Well, these are my two cents.

Thank again Paul


Is that $25 off the whole set or just a particulr tape? because I am really psyched to get it but can't spend too much but a discount would help!