Saulo Ribeiro on the Double Guard Pull

What do you think?

Nice, I like it. Phone Post


Agreed my friend watched a match with me on line and he said it looked to him that they were playing footsies. That is what the average person who knows nothing about BJJ thinks. It is kind of boring.


I like the random kendo stick in the back.

I think it's a measured, experienced take on the position. Good stuff. Phone Post

I don't think making a 30 second standup rule is the right thing. That could actually encourage stalling.

I think giving 2 points to the person who comes up and maintains top for 3 seconds would be best. I don't think an advantage is enough incentive, since coming up and getting swept would put you behind in points.

I think a guard puller gets 1 minute to make points, before his opponent is given the choice of taking his place.

I agree 100%

Shit man if WRESTLING is possibly on it's way out of the olympics (primarily because of) low television ratings because people find it boring, how the hell is BJJ ever going to get into the olympics when people see matches like the Keenan/Miyao ones? BJJ already has to deal with the facts that; a) to most people it's a combo of wrestling and judo, b) it's name is horrendous for an "international" sport?

Modern sport BJJ = TKD

Yet, I'd be more afraid of a good TKD guy

saulo is correct

Agree 100%!!

Agree! Phone Post 3.0


cortXbomb - Knowledge.

I like the random kendo stick in the back.

nothing random about that stick.. He carries around during class and will whack you with it..

Change it from 1 advantae to 2 points for the guy taking top position.

Leve and up were the best divisions to watch at worlds due to the lack of foot fighting.

I like Saulo's viewpoint. ^ Yup, just give 2 points for taking top position, allow reaping and heelhooks for the 50/50.

nowaydo - Modern sport BJJ = TKD

Yet, I'd be more afraid of a good TKD guy
Absolutely. Phone Post 3.0