Saulo Ribeiro Sneak Peak!

Here is a little taste of what is coming! In stock Nov. 10th.

Watch the video clip: Saulo Escape the back Position.


I wish someone would make a comprehensive noGI set, it seems it has been neglected apart from Sperry although it is geared towards vale tudo and not sub grappling.

I agree the gi sport stuff has been done to death.

Marcelos Garcia's set was awesome and from that clip with a horrible server it was good stuff

Good stuff.


Marcelo Garcia's set is great. i always learn much from it.

The thing about "no gi" is that it is much much simpler than with gi.

Much of the techniques of "with gi", particular alot of the control and escape techniques, can be easily adjusted and applied in no-gi. The gi technique that Saulo just showed can be easily adjusted and applied to no gi.

I've also find that alot of the techniques of no-gi are modified freestyle and Greco-Roman wrestling techniques, particular the takedown and breakdown techniques. Marcia Garcia no-gi techniques are very good BUT the two-on-one and a few other BASIC and FUNDAMENTAL wrestling principles/concepts/technique served as a basis for what he was showing in his videos.

It is interesting serval "with gi" competitors have successful transition to "no-gi" without having to really struggle to do so.

I don't think no-gi is that hard or complicated. Therefore we, at least I, don't need a "comprehensive" tape on the subject.

"I don't think no-gi is that hard or complicated. Therefore we, at
least I, don't need a "comprehensive" tape on the subject."

well you are fortunate to have a perfect/flawless no gi game and a
total understanding for every position or submission there is.


I don't have a perfect/flawless game and that is beside the point.

No-gi grappling isn't "that" complex or complicated. I can think of many other physical activities and endeavors which are more complex and complicated than no-gi grappling (breakdancing, or playing the piano for example).

No-gi grappling isn't so complex and complicated, like college physic or advance math, that you actually need a "comprehensive" video where every aspect is analyzed and examined.

The way you guys talk one would think it was trigonometry or something.

that escape rocked, I'm going to try it.

Great clip.