Saulo´s dvd great!!!

I bought the Saulo´s dvd´s and I think they are geat I have all the tapes in the market since 5 years ago and I have been a purple belt for 4 years and I really learn a lot of new things, WMA have allways very good instructionals, I also think Mundial 2004 by bjjtapes (Wich is great also) is the best jiujitsu fights productions ever I liked very much also the Rigan book( Very good explanation and it is very cheap!), about the Margarida ser I liked but not that much I find it very simple (Which really works good for Margarida) but for my game did´t suit very much. I am waiting for this shaolin istructional and the Marcelo Garcia with the gi, I will put comentary about those. Mario

I'll check out Saulo's DVD, thanks for the input!