saulo's/xande's first class in mi

last night, saulo started teaching in the southgate area. we would like to thank all those who attended. it was a great class and we look forward to training with you. xande will be teaching some time this week.


saulo and chris

Great class! Had fun. It was good to see some familiar faces.


Hey does Saulo and/or Xande teach every class? Cuz isn't it pretty expensive?

either saulo or xande will be teaching. the class price can range from 90.00 to 130.00/per month.

the national average is over 100.00 now. the price is very reasonable for the caliber of instruction.



Most academies ave. 120-150 for unlimited training. 130 for training with two world champs is awesome.

I would pay a couple hundred a month to train with them. More if I could afford it.

is this in california?

southgate is in michigan.

xande will be there tonight, saulo on thursday and me on friday for the open mat.


where is the main school in ohio located??

Does Saulo still teach in Ohio.

If so where does he teach and does he have a website for his school



saulo teaches at both locations as does xande. the toledo location is located at 2145 laskey rd. our new web site is being done as we speak and should be up soon.


chris 419-779-7164

what is there schedule. I am going to be in ohio for 3 1/2 weeks and would like to visit the school and train there. Also is the number you gave me the number to saulo's school

I appreciate the response


I have been going to the Toledo class for just over 2 months and it's well worth the 130 bones. Great workout and people


I know you are having a closed door assiocation tournament tommorrow. I was wondering if it will be ok for me to come in and watch my teamates compete if I am not going to compete myself.

Holy fuck. Where is this at?

the class schedule for both toledo and melvindale is mon - fri from 6:30 - 8:00pm.

sure, you can come watch the tournament on sat. it is at the toledo location.

our website will be