Savage says Fedor/Rothwell

Greg Savage on Sherdog says that Rothwell/Fedor is the likely match up for the May M-1 event. '

He said May will be the debut of M-1.

I guess Fedor/Rothwell is the most likely match up. IMO, this is a good match up actually. Rothwell has won 13 straight, is coming off a pretty good victory over Ricco.

Fedor by KO in the first though.

tease =)

Pretty damn good opponents also. I think this is a very legit fight, IMO.

Pretty decent opponent. Rothwell is a solid step up from Rizzo, IMO.

Decent matchup for Rothwell

RIP Rothwell

What a great opportunity for Ben.


i hope big ben knocks out that commie

at least its a new opponent with skills

Great opportunity for Ben, and even if he loses I think it helps his career tremendously to fight in such a high profile match.

For Fedor, Rothwell isn't an elite fighter, but he's definitely a step up in competition from what he's been facing.

lol at this, i really hope Ben KO's him

thats awesome, ben finally gets a good fight

another bad fight for fedor.. if he wins "oh he beat another nobody from the ifl".. if he loses, "oh he was overrated all along he finally fought a quality opponent". i don't care either way because he was the best for the past few years. it's just too bad they cant get him a bigger name.

"it was also pretty clear if you listened to it that monte has no idea how they are going to make money with fedor getting $2M a fight."

That's bizarre. Why would he get involved if he has no idea how the venture is going to profitable?

It's difficult to imagine Rothwell even gets in the mix for this fight if Monte Cox isn't running M-1. He's a solid prospect, sure, but how many names would someone other than Monte have thrown out before Rothwell?

God forbid Fedor fight a current ranked HW.

Considering that Pride was much better known and only did 20 thousand buys with Fedor I'm guessing they will lose big money.

""That's bizarre. Why would he get involved if he has no idea how the venture is going to profitable?""

Doesn't matter to him, I guess. He's not an investor, he's being paid to run stuff and book fights. If it folds, he already made a nice chunk of change.

I thought Rizzo had been officially signed?