Savant Young VS Kendall Grove

Never under estimate the little man in a bout...check out this vid

I am training with Antonio Mc kee at the Body shop in Bellflower... with Rampage, Herb,Tracy hess Ahmad comes through sometimes.. long time no see how have you been doing.. i have a fight this saturday at the Universal Amphitheater at city walk for info check let me know how you doin...

Very nice!

Nicely done. Good luck Saturday!!

savant, i'm glad you found this. i posted the fight over the weekend in
hopes that you'd see it. i lost your email, but finally figured out how to
use youtube. sorry it's taken so long. aloha/mark

btw, shouldn't your name be green? better email kirik bro.

Thanks for the vid FCTV808 i really want to come back out there to fight my e-mail is

no worries man. can you fight at 155?

Can't look at the vid yet, as I'm at work. You the guy who caught him with the guillotine?

yeah he is, choked him unconcious

this will be my last fight at 170 i will be fighting at 155 from now on

I was watching Savant on the IFL the other day... I'm a new fan. He's short but fighting at 155 I don't see it as an issue. Looking for videos and saw him choking kendal the fuck out



Weird how there are a lot of good fighters but in many cases they go unseen and/or don't make it to a large show.

Savant is awesome!

I would love to see Savant Young VS Marcus Hicks

Savant , firework fight with wild west last year but they just aired it. Nice win.

South Central in the house . Inglewoooooooooood !

Trenell !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I've seen your IFL fights and you looked really good.

As a fellow 5'6" dude I always root for the short guy (Sherk, Stevenson, Serra, and now Savant).