Savate Seminar in sydney.

Guys if anyone is interested in a savate seminar in sydney, it will cover sportive savate (french kickboxing with wrestling boots on) and will be VERY affordable. Its in 2 weeks time, it should be about 30 a head (cheap coz no1 knows about it!) and should be really interesting stuff, email me at if you are interested.

Would really like to see some support i think those with any sort of striking background (boxing, thai boxing, karate tkd etc would benifit greatly) but as its done with wrestling boots on i'm sure it will be of benefit to wrestlers Bjjers etc. It has some unorthodox stuff and is known for its devestating hand foot combos and low kicks.

The guy wants 10-15 people so best get in soon, its only been 2 hours since i arranged it and we've got 5

P.s you dont have to wear tights!


Liam I will personally fly from Brisbane for this if you -

1) Wear the tights

2) grow a handle bar moustache

3) Hold up them marquis of queensbury fisty dukes


don't you wear tights and a handlebar moustache when you go out in the valley?

Well done!

Who is doing the seminar? Did you find a Savate club in Sydney or is someone coming into to town for it?


Someone is coming into town for it, should be fun. Justin u got a deal. My next fight will be in tights a moustache and holding up my dandy dukes. I think the only person that will get in the ring with me dressed like that would be mandy.She'll probably proceed to knock me out.


from the teacher:

"Not hard , just different rhythms to what you might be use to - in a nut shell sport savate is constant movement and combinations with kicks coming from a variety of angles and mixed in smoothly with the boxing skills .Foot work ( Displacement) is crucial in delivery of enchainment ( chained sequences) the use of savate boots also plays an interesting role in the delivery of kicking skills. Sport savate is based on information and progressive overload which requires fighters to not only be physically strong but also tactically proficient to cope with the changes in rhythms, sometimes sport savate is referred to as- "thinking mans kickboxing ", i think you might enjoy what it has to offer.


and "In the past yes but currently my role is that of "training the trainers" that is bringing people up to a standard so that they can become instructors and coach the various diciplines of Savate ( street savate, the sport or la canne etc ) i also currently serve as the Federations technical director in the sport .

The Gold Coast "New generation savate club" run by Savate instructor Blair Moore ( he was Wayne Parr's coach ) is currently grooming fighters to compete in sport savate and kickboxing . Blair promoted a lot of kickboxing shows on the Gold Coast as well as world title events at the Conrad Casino during the late 80s early 90s .

Interesting stuff hope some of you guys will come show support its bloody cheap to.

I think its gonna be lane cove. Friday the 2nd of july. Hurry in guys its limited, should be great