Save Manifest

Doing a binge on Netflix and Peacock for season 1-3 and NBC dumbasses have cancelled it after season 3. This is a must have season 4 and here’s to hoping Netflix can save this show…either do a season 4/5 or a movie conclusion. We need more manifest, so OG, if you can sign a petition or something, please do so.


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Lol that show sucked ass

Fuck any tv exec in the ass that pulls a show in the off season and doesn’t give it a finish.
I’ve been bitten more than once.

It started getting really screwy, but I’m in deep enough I need a resolution. They need to put a bow on it.


Netflix has saved a few shows, i.e Lucifer, Longmire so hoping they do the same for Manifest

Wife & I just finished binge-watching the show. It’s hokey, but we like it. There are so many plot-points that I successfully predicted before the truth being revealed. It’s still a fun show, though.

We need a conclusion!

I’m pretty sure Netflix decided to pick it up for at least 1 more season.

It’s saved and set for S4. I don’t watch much TV at all but finished a few shows recently with Manifest being one of them.

I tried about four episodes of this show but couldn’t deal with the storyline about the chick cheating on her husband who she thought was dead. It was like an entire storyline dedicated to cuckolding.

The plane leaves, but arrives at an abnormal time, right? Have they explained at all why yet? And please dont say they are in purgatory.


They haven’t fully explained it yet, though the evidence is that the plane actually exploded over the ocean near Cuba and they were somehow resurrected.

I had been wondering for like 2 seasons if they were ever gonna re visit the pilot that disappeared…I had all but lost hope and then he appears at the end of the last episode. At least I’ll get to see that storyline now.

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Oh snap! I missed that! When did he reappear? What did I overlook?

It was the very last episode somewhere close to the end I think. He appeared in the cockpit of the plane at that Eureka place and then disappeared with the plane.


^ correct

I cant wait. So glad they get to end it with a season. I know they were even looking at trying to get the go ahead for just a 2 hour tv movie to wrap it up. Ready for the end. Just finished up Lucifer so this is my last one to need wrapped up


I’m still salty over The Black Donnelys cliffhanger