TTT for sample letter to send :

Dear Senator ________,

Please vote AGAINST house Bill HB558. It will serve to destroy the sport of mixed martial arts in GA.

GA currently has the most active Mixed Martial Art scene in the United States. Thanks to the regulation of the ISCF (international Sport Combat Federation) and the work of Mr. Mike Carlson (district attorney--Augusta), the sport has remained safe, well-run, and free of criminals and hooligans.

House Bill HB558 even contains a clause allowing CONVICTED FELONS to promote shows in GA. That would include convicted drug dealer Lane Collyer, who is currently banned from promoting in this state thanks to the hard work of Mike Carlson and the ISCF.

This bill will make it financially impossible for the smaller, grass-roots shows that are the backbonne of the sport in this state to even exist.

As an active, registered Republican VOTER in Fayette County, I implore you to vote NO on house bill HB558.

I contacted him, don't know if it did any good

That is a nice letter!





thanks true believers!

that's really messed up.

I have emailed and called my state representative about this. I suggest you all do the same, Senator Price knows how I feel on this issue. Please tell your representative how you feel about this issue. Remember they represent you.

Tripp Owings


ttt, am going to call my Rep Monday, already left a message.


Make sure you call your State SENATOR. This Bill
is in a Senate Committee. It has already got
passed by the REPRESENTATIVES.

Ask them to vote NO.

Here's the link again:





THIS is where the bill is being held, at the above link you can get contact information for all 11 Committee Members. It is in their hands now!

Time is running out!
Email them and ask them to please kill this bill in Committee.

Seabaugh, Mitch (R-SS 28)

Johnson, Eric (R-SS 01)

Shafer, David J. (R-SS 48)

Bowen, Rooney L. (R-SS 13)

Butler, Gloria (D-SS 55)

Harbison, Ed (D-SS 15)

Hill, Jack (R-SS 04)

Tanksley, Charlie (R-SS 32)

Thomas, Nadine (D-SS 10)

Thomas, Regina (D-SS 02)

Williams, Tommie (R-SS 19)