Saving Private Ryan End Credits are AMAZING

Never stayed for the end credits, never knew how it all went down.

Watch all the way through, from the begining of the vid till the end for full emotional effect.

4L8R Phone Post 3.0



Ha ha Phone Post 3.0

The payoff is worth the wait.

Is that the one where you see Tom Hanks and Matt Damion eating cheese burgers in a diner?


Those credits got me right in the heart!

"we got Germans, Tanks and Snipers too, you gotta save private ryan cause this is a ZOO!!!"

Pretty awesome

What in the actual fuck?  Was I supposed to be listening to this with sound?  I saw nothing out of the ordinary.

9/10 if you made me watch a bunch of fucking credits, for no good reason at all.. well played OP, well played.


The sun shining thru the flag washing out the colors is pure understated brilliance. Phone Post 3.0

wow!   thanks for the VU's lol



LOL Phone Post