Saw 18 or younger today. Size of Karelin

Was with a friend today and he Had to stop by a friends of a friends Grandma's house. So nothing to do with me. Just along for the ride.

She let's us in and goes to grab some samples for the project. I ask to use the restroom.

On the way I pass a room that has the absolute largest, not all fat, man child I have ever seen. Like this Karelin/ Lebron/ Andre the Giant looking kid. I don't know if its a disorder or what.. But this kid had a different density than most other large ppl I've seen. Like he may never stop growing. Kid was playing video games and watching 12 year old cartoons on a queen bed and his feet hung about 2 ft off the bed he fully covered.

It was like seeing a new species of human. Lol

Just wanted to share.

Perhaps the human race is evolving into new subspecies.

Should've sucked his dick and taken pics.

Stop peeking into children's bedrooms!

3rdAveE - Should've sucked his dick and taken pics.

I think you meant he should just post the pics. We all know he sucked his dick. 

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