Saw a funny street fight

too kthe kids to the Beach this Saturday and just as we hit A1A a traffic stopped for a road rage incident and i got to be in the front row for a free spontaneous MMA explossion.

My kids 3 and 7 were watching too, we all laughed our asses of. So not to make it too FRAT here is the story.

Some guy jumps out and runs over to the other guys car and slaps his windshield yelling some shit about cutting him off, so the old guy in the car pulls his caz in front of the other guy so he cant get away. So mr slapper jumps out again even more pissed off and runs around to drivers side window and the old guy winds down his window to exchange words and mr slapper who was in his 30s takes a swipe at the old man. Well that got the attention of the passersby and about 5-7 guys started yelling at the guy to leave the old man alone.

Then it got great, out of the old guys car jumps some pudgy mother fucker and bum rushes the shit out of the 30ish guy and knocks him dead on his ass, who then proceeds to go tfor the takedown on the street. So the new angry striker guy does a great sprawl and the stalemate on the ground. Well then things just got silly, a bunch of guys run over to break it up and the first guy is some fat fuck who grabs the guy around the waist and tries to remove him but instead loses his balance and gets thrown forward into two other guys coming to help. This causes a pileup of about 4-6 guys on top of the 2 guys who are in the process of ground fighting, one guy on his knees going for takedown and the other sprawling.
So now we have a home made Iraqi ass p[yramid going on on a A1A in South Florida. Fucking classic and a great introduction for my young sons to the seedy world of comical street violence.

I was pissed i didnt have a video camera, we held yup traffic to watch it unfold and cheered them on as we left to go fishing. Good times

Rockman lovers driving LAmborghinis?

Jealous, cause I was out getting mine?

where did this happen exactly?

haha thats why I love this place!!!

Sing on... Sing on!


the chumps were acting ill cause they were full of 8 balls

Gunshots! Rang out like a bell....

Vanilla Ice-3.JPG the concrete real fast

Jumped in the car, slammed on the gas

bumper to bumper the ave is packed

And...he drops the ball...

it was on A1A just north of 10th street just south of Boca.

and STFU with that vanilla ice sheeeeeet

he would fuck you all until you loved him

If there was a problem, yo, I'll solve it.

check out the hook while my dj revolves it

Word to your mother